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Point Of Grace: Love Enough lyrics

On your own,
All alone and crying
A wounded soul on an island in the blue
Love 's required
But you 're too tired from trying
Don 't Give Up
There 's love enough for you
There 's love enough for a broken heart
Love enough for another start
Love enough in the Father 's arms for you
When it feels like the tears won 't end
When loneliness is your only friend
There 's love enough
Love enough for you
On His own
Allone and dying
He gave up everything for me and you
Hear your heart
It 's time to start relying
On the one who had love enough for you
Like a cup that 's running over
Like a well that won 't run dry
From the storm a constant cover
For a heart, the sole supply
Chorus (2X)
Love enough for you
Love enough, love enough
Love enough for me
Love enough for you