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Point Of Grace: Saving Grace lyrics

She had her father’s blue eyes
He left home before she arrived
Mama named her Grace
Just getting by on her own
When Grace was 15 she ran from home
One December day
Grace is lost and alone in a world as cold as stone
God is counting on us to reach her with His love

It’s all about saving grace
All about living love
Being Jesus to those He came to save
Sharing life and giving our own away
It’s all about serving God
It’s all about saving grace

She never darkened the door of any church
She would say, "What for…no one there would care for me"
We have to go where she lives
Simply show her who Jesus is
Watch Him set her free
For grace flows down from above and
Faith requires a selfless love
For a world that’s dying to see the
Hope in you and me


There are countless millions just like Grace
Who need a merciful embrace
They won’t believe our God is real
Until they feel His touch

repeat chorus