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Point Of Grace: Without The Love Of Jesus lyrics

Some think it all comes down to fate and circumstance
Life falls somewhere between accident and chance
Some seek solutions to the problems they face
By hoping maybe someday, sonehow it will all fall in place
We keep persisting
Still something is missing
Without the love of Jesus
The stars wouldn 't shine
Tivers wouldn 't run
And hearts beat out of time
Without the love of Jesus
Tell me where would we be?
Lost on a lonely sea
Without the love of Jesus
There 's so much more to life than meets the naked eye
It 's no coincidence, no matter how we try
When we try to deny what we don 't understand
Maybe that 's when we fail to see God 's providential hand
We keep persisting
But something is still missing
It shouldn 't take us a miracle
Before we finally see
That Jesus ' love is the only thing
That we will ever need