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Popsie: Love Technology lyrics

Take me advice and get your own device
A magic wand will take you beyond
Don 't feel ashamed it 's only a game
Forget reality, reach trance
Give our body a physical romance
Use your love technology
To please your body biology,
it 's only a game
Use your love technology
To please your body biology
Love tec, technology
Push up the top gear on your little spear
It 's getting hot while hitting the girlee spot
When your on fire it quench you desire
It 's not a sin so let the game begin
Just feel the vibration
Mmm bloodsystem in circulation
Live out your fantasies with this machine
It will take you to places you never been
While looking for a loving friend
This nicety substitute we recommend
It 's never to late for an erotic state
Try this treasure for you pleasure