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Shipwreck A.D.: Zenith lyrics

So now I stand atop
Atop the highest peak
Looking back at the voyaged path
Tailing behind me
From the deepest seas
To the darkest nights; I survived
But still a piece of the puzzle
Is missing from my mind
Searching for the worth
In every ocean
In every land
The olive branch, a second chance
The purest dove to grace my head
Instead all I have is the wonder
Of what's on the other side
Screaming, I pray to the earth and sky:

"But what's the point?
All I'll still find is nothing...
Please say this journey has all been for something."

"Tell me,
Do the angels fly with icy, feathered wings?
Do the Deaf men of the heavens hear them
When they sing?
How are we to wake up without ever wondering?
You won't always find an answer to everything.
So now, my child, keep your mind from wandering
And find the peace inside to let your restless mind sleep."