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Skylar Danelle: 7 Days lyrics

I can't forget your Face
See It Everyplace
So I stick my head, in my bed
Trying to hold the Tears Back
But They Just Flow
Like the Rivers Do
Wondering When I'll see you
What Will I Do?
To get over You

Monday, I Can't help but Cry
Tuesday, I wonder why
Wendsday, I try to call, but I can't
Thursday, Can't get out of Bed
Friday, Hear Your Voice Inside my Head
Sunday, I saw the Sun, the Bright Lights
I'm Out of This Fight
I'm Okay
And It Took 7 Days

Stepped Outside, just to Breathe
But, It was just the memory
Of you and me
Our first Kiss, underneath the Tree
I tried to Cry
But, My eyes were Dry
I guess Some Part of me
Wants to be Happy
And to Be Free

[Chorus Repeat]

Monday, My phone Rang
Reminded Me of our song we used to Sing
It was you
And you said you missed me too
But that book was Closed
In that book called breakup we wrote

[Chorus Repeat]

I'll never Forget
This Past week
All those Days Spent
Crying under those sheets
But Now, I'm not weak
And it only took a Week