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Socratic: Spots I've Been And Go lyrics

Ballroom again.
It's been a while since I've seen the end.
Pull down real hard the latch to the gate at the entrance of the yard.
Slide up the steps into a hall where the walls cry.
Enter the door into a room where she tries to get ready.

Can you hand me makeup please?
It's already a quarter to three and I hate to keep him waiting.
It never made much sense to me
How even the lonesome trees can always dance with the breeze.

Start smoking again.
Are you in a rush to taste the end?
This moving heps you mend.
So you dance with him and dance until the end.
Take off your shoes.
Your balance you start to lose.
I swear I'd leave as long as I never come back to this place.

There's something sliding up the stairs.
Now it's entering the door.
In the middle of the room she is dancing with her groom
But there is nothing in her arms as she spins him round and round.

"Hello darling. It's been a while but now it is the end.
Hold onto my hand and we'll bury ourselves in the land.
Down here we all dance the same.
We don't even have any names.
Make yourself right at home.
Baby you'll be dancing alone."