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The Monkees: D W Washburn lyrics

D. W. Washburn

D W Washburn, I heard a sweet voice say,
D W Washburn, this is your lucky day.
A hot bowl of soup is waiting,
A hot bowl of soup and a shave.
D W Washburn, we picked you to save.

Can't you hear the fleugal horn?
Can't you hear the bell?
Even you can be reborn,
you naughty neer-do-well.
If you don't get outta that gutter,
before the next big rain.
D W Washburn: you're gonna wash right down the drain.

Up!Up! C'mon get up! Get up off the street,
If you can only make it to your hands and knees
I know you can make it to your feet, oh yeah.

D W Washburn, I said to myself.
D W Washburn, why don't they go save somebody else?
You see, I got no job to go to.
I don't work and I don't get paid.
I got a bottle of wine and I'm feeling fine-
And I do believe I've got it made.
I'd like to thanks all you good people
for coming to my aid.
But I'm D. W. Washburn and I believe I've got it made.