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Up To This Point: Internet Overdose Song lyrics

Oh, I remember the time when life was so much simpler, and not so quick, way back in the year 2006, never heard of RSSes, my hands were full of two email addresses, and a MySpace page, lying about my income and age

(I also had a blog about remote control cars -- roboblog.blogspot.com -- I updated it multiple times... a year)

And just when I thought I had it all figured out, my little brother started a video blog

I refuse to be left here in the digital dust, I'm socially networking my way back to the top

Follow me, poke me, feed me, I'll Stumble Upon you, Digg you freely

Take a dip in my photostream, The E in Flickr was given to me like a key to an internet city, of which I am king, (or mayor, or moron)

I'm laughing in your face if you just joined Facebook today, it's so last year, even my boss has his weekend pics on there (Weekend pics? Yeah, like casual pics in his hot tub Did he tag himself?)

Now I can't remember what life was like before I Twittered, I can't resist telling the world I found a cyst (Oh, man, do you think it's serious? If it is, I'll let you know 140 characters... or less)

Lately I've signing up on so many sites, I've had to hire a fulltime password guy, you can watch day or night on my live stream, it's the cutting edge opposite of interesting

Google me, plurk me, feed me, deliciously linked in, pwn you neatly, take a sip of my photostream, the E of Flickr was given to me, like a key to an internet city, of which I am king (or mayor) (You're so leet, you're a loser noob) Of which I am king (You're an uber lame king) I'll pwn you as king