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Urban Mystic: F*ck Song lyrics

It's a f*ck song
Baby check the record
It's a f*ck song
Peep this girl
It's a f*ck song
Now check my record
It's a f*ck song
Peep this girl
[Verse 1]
I'm checking out your body
And you looking kind of sexy baby
DJ won't play a f*ck song
So me and this girl can get it on
I don't care what your mama say
What your daddy say
I'm feelin real freaky
Ah yeah
Can't you see it's a f*ck song
Urban Mystic wants to get it on
(Repeat Chorus)
[Verse 2]
It's 5 o'clock and i'm ready
Waiting on you to come with you (yes I am)
Wanna take you round town
Post up on the beach
Get dirty in the sand
Make you soaken wet
I know what you want
And you know just what I need (yes you do)
So why don't we get together
Fulfill our fantasy yeah
(Repeat Chorus)
[Extended Version of Chorus]
Baby why don't you
Come home wit me
I'll take you up to my suite
And we can begin to freak
(repeat 2x)