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Vermin: Broken lyrics

Insanity is no excuse
What 's the truth and what can be denied
A penetration of death
The killing of all innocence

Sacrificed draped in blood
Raped by my machine-gun fire
Request for suicide
Eternal life award we can 't ignore

See through my eyes
This is something you and I can 't deny
Broken torn apart
A bullet straight through your heart

Discharged like garbage
When the purpose is fulfilled
Deliverance from life onward to demise
Ignorant and screwed

Sacrificed a waste of life
A sick mind in a broken man
Murder art gives life to sick creations
See through my eyes

Fulfill an insane man
Living just for the day
Lies been told over again
This is horror and death a homicide invasion

Criticize a destructive mans life
Blood before my eyes
I 'm lost inside a soulless mind
Devoted to death let me burn in hell.