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Voltaire: X Lover's Lover lyrics

Three heavy stones will keep it from floating,
Weigh it down to the bottom, food for the fishes.
And I know that it won't be discovered
'cause I will be careful, so very careful.
What if it doesn't rain for days and the river is
Reduced to it's muddy bed?
With a corpse exposed I would work in haste
And I might bury the bones in a shallow grave.
And the rain comes and moves rocks and the stones
Washes away all the dirt and the mud flows.
Bones are exposed and well,
You know how that goes!
I wait for the day when I finally defile
The bodies of my x lover's lovers.
I'll pile high to the sky
The bodies of my x lover's lovers
Die die die die die die
Die die die die die die die
Watch them die.
I saw you with him. You looked so happy.
All of that can change, 'cause I am so lonely
And I have lots of time to send you straight
To the devil. I'm taking my time
To plan your demise.
What if I were to cut you up and mail each part
To a different town? It would take the most
Brilliant private eye the rest of his life
Just to put you together.
A piece in each mailbox all over the planet
From Moscow to Tokyo to Guadalajara.
I saw you with him, you looked so happy.
That will never change because I know myself
Too well. I don't have the courage
To carry out my dreams.
And only there will I see them