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Warriors Of The Broken: Apologize lyrics

Forgive me... for the things I've done
I know that I was hurt you
Please forgive me... coz I was make you cry
I never mean it...
And tonight... I'm praying to the Lord
Wishing to forgive all my faults
To you...

I feel guilty, and feel so sorry
I want to make it for you
To get a better a chance
For me to cure this pain of my mistake

So tell me that tell me you will forgive me
For all my faults to you
I'm begging you know
With a thousand aplogize
In my heart...

I just want to apologize
I was make a big mistake
I just want to apologize
To you...
I give you a promises
With a thousand aplogize
I give you a promises
For real...

When I try to forget...
Everythings that I've done...
I know I cant... and it's killing me... !