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Wednesday Night Music Hall: I Wanna Go Home lyrics

( with you )Original releasePerry, its such a beautiful night,Lets take a ride? ~ nah!Well how about a walk thru the park? ~ no!Would you like soda? ~ nah!Well, what would you like to do? I wanna go home, with you! ~ oh!I wanna go home with you!I wanna meet the family,Im sure that theyll approve of meI wanna go home, with you! ~ you do? An nobody else will do!Kissing goodnight at your front doorMakes me love you more an moreI wanna go home with you!Oh! oh! perry, here come my two sisters( hi perry!, hi perry! )Hi jay, hi marge!Ah! what are you doing here? ( were just walking! )Well, why dont you just walk along? Go get yourself a soda! ( nah! )Why dont you go to a movie? ( nah! )Well, what do you wanna do? ( nah! )We wanna go home, with you! ( ah da dee! )We wanna go home with you! ( what, the three of ya? )We wanna meet your family, we know your pa an ma will agreeWe wanna go home, with you!An nobody else will do!An when we get your front doorWere gonna love you more an moreWe wanna go home . . .We wanna go home! why hes my date! I saw him first! ( wild chatter! )Now wait a minute girls, dont fight, girls, just a moment, listen to meGirls, just a moment, just a moment! ( perry! you stay out of this! )Oh! oh! I lost my head!I guess Ill go home alone,Im gonna go home alone!