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Worth The Weight: Intro lyrics

I be dat bitch in a all black tented out eldorado
Ain't nobody fuckin wit me dog it's ma chicago
When you see me in the club mean mug ya bottle
It's dat remy to ya face kid gully saprono
Ain't nobody fuckin wit me like I do
And I'm probably sippin remy and dat hipno too
And I'm tired of hearin what dis bitch gon do
Cuz if she poppin wit a friend they can get some too
I know you heard about dem bitches from the gold the gutta
Fuck a sack chasin mommy got dat dro and dat butta
Poppy hit me for a low I'm out in philly wit tutta
Where da sticky be so good it make you talk wit a studda
I'm like pusha, pusha, please can I get one mo
It's four niggaz and a breeze standin at ma door
I'm like 1,2,3 reachin at ma 4
Cuz if I squa,squa, squeeze nigga dats, dat go