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X-Raided: Still Shooting lyrics

187, gang related, I'm accused
And after every court date my face is on the news
They say I wrote a song about a murder
I maintain my innocence, it's nothing but a coincidence
I'll admit it looks kind of shadey
From the outside looking in
The situation is serious but people don't comprehend
I was 17 years young back in '92
Facing 25 to life for something I didn't do
My song is supposed to be a big admission on my part
And they're using the lyrics against me when my trial gets ready to start
My songs are being misinterpritated
It ain't nothing but the D.A. trying to prove premeditated
They've got X-Raided stuck, majorly crossed up
The D.A. got a fucked up witness and my lawyer is a dump truck
I've been sitting in the county, three years have already went by
They're pressuring my Locs, trying to get them to testify
Snitching ain't no joke, it's hazardous to your health
When you point one finger at me, you're pointing three back at yourself
My homies got convicted for murder in the first degree
Ain't no doubt about it, they'll try to do worse to me
They take me in the court room in front of an all white jury
With the family looking me with barely concealed fury
My lawyer standing next to me, prepared to represent
And help me get convicted cause to him
I'm guilty till proven innocent...
Why they trying to give me deuce-5 to life?
They trying to give me 25 to life cause I'm guilty till proven innocent...
I open up the front page of the Sacramento Bee
And read the article that Dan McGrath wrote about me
He has his own opinion and it's his job to write it
I say he's being biased and completly one sided
The media write their stories