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X-Ray Spex: Party lyrics

Did you enjoy the party you went to the other night?
No not really not really, no not really at all
I was bored stiff all night.
Did you find anyone you could talk to?
Anyone with a lot to say?
No not really no one, no not one not really
Just a boy who had a fixation on his body all the time.
He wanted to know if I..... he called 'making love '
I said "My dear pubescent adolescent socks
I gave up being shocking when you were getting spots
Pour me a lime and soda and I 'll not tell a lie
But I 've always been searching for something more sublime."
Did you enjoy did you enjoy at all? [repeat]
Then I met a Prima, Prima Donna Queen
Who wanted to have a sex change cos he thought it would be a scream
Decadence personified daddy 's blood runs wild
Half the world is starving mother says, you 're a spoilt hung-up child.
Then I met a guy who wanted to die
With a smack crack deathwish his T-shirt said 'Destroy '
I know I 'm not this body and I 'm just a fallen soul
But you have to serve some time before you get out on parole
Did you enjoy did you enjoy did you enjoy at all? [repeat]
The party 's over the party 's over
The party 's over !!