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Xaeja: Healer lyrics

Written and composed by Darren McKinty

Copyright Control 1995

What 's been wrong with you lately?

You hover 'round like the ghost of a child

Hiding some unspoken pain

All these demons inside you

And in this life it can seem so confused

So much ventured nothing gained

Don 't you say that it 's over

Don 't say you can 't carry on

Take another step closer

I 'll help you find where you belong

And your days will seem brighter

Brighter than neon which burns through the night

Burn these shadows from your mind

Let me lay down beside you

I 'll hold you close in these hours of need

Help your passion to unwind

As the sunlight draws nearer

Here comes a brand new day

Cast your fears on the ocean

Let the tide take them away

And when you 've let down your defences

You 'll be mine