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10ccJohnny Don't Do It
10ccSand In My Face
10ccThe Dean and I
10ccHeadline Hustler
10ccSpeed Kills
10ccRubber Bullets
10ccThe Hospital Song
10ccShips Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They?)
10ccFresh Air For My Mama
10ccWall Street Shuffle
10ccThe Worst Band In The World
10ccOld Wild Men
10ccClockwork Creep
10ccSilly Love
10ccSomewhere In Hollywood
10ccBaron Samedi
10ccThe Sacro-Iliac
10ccOh Effendi
10ccUne Nuit A Paris
10ccI'm Not In Love
10ccThe Second Sitting For The Last Supper
10ccBrand New Day
10ccFlying Junk
10ccLife Is A Minestrone
10ccThe Film Of My Love
10ccLazy Days
10ccI Wanna Rule The World
10ccI'm Mandy Fly Me
10ccArt For Arts Sake
10ccRock 'n' Roll Lullaby
10ccHead Room
10ccDon't Hang Up
10ccGood Morning Judge
10ccThings We Do For Love
10ccMarriage Bureau Rendezvous
10ccPeople In Love
10ccModern Man Blues
10ccHoneymoon With 'B' Troop
10ccI Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor
10ccYou've Got A Cold
10ccFeel The Benefit
10ccDreadlock Holiday
10ccFor You And I
10ccTake These Chains
10ccShock On The Tube (Don't Want Love)
10ccLast Night
10ccThe Anonymous Alcoholic
10ccReds In My Bed
10ccLife Line
10ccOld Mister Time
10ccFrom Rochdale To Ocho Rios
10ccEverything You Wanted To Know About!!!! (Exclamation Marks)
10ccOne Two Five
10ccWelcome To The World
10ccHow'm I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye
10ccDon't Send We Back
10ccI Took You Home
10ccIt Doesn't Matter At All
10ccDressed To Kill
10ccLovers Anonymous
10ccI Hate To Eat Alone
10ccStrange Lover
10ccL.A. Inflatable
10ccDon't Ask
10ccOverdraft In Overdrive
10ccDon't Turn Me Away
10ccNotell Hotel
10ccLes Nouveaux Riches
10ccAction Man In A Motown Suit
10ccListen With Your Eyes
10ccLying Here With You
10cc24 Hours
10ccFeel The Love (Oomachasaooma)
10ccYes, I Am
10ccAmericana Panorama
10ccCity Lights
10ccFood For Thought
10ccWorking Girls
10ccTaxi! Taxi!
10ccWoman In Love
10ccFill Her Up
10ccSomething Special
10ccWelcome To Paradise
10ccThe Stars Didn't Show
10ccGreen Eyed Monster
10ccCharity Begins At Home
10ccShine A Light In The Dark
10ccDon't Break The Promises
10ccI'm Not In Love (Rework Of Art)
10ccPeace In Our Time
10ccReady To Go Home
10ccThe Monkey And The Onion
10ccWhy Did I Break Your Heart
10ccCode Of Silence
10ccTake This Woman
10ccGrow Old With Me
10ccAge Of Consent
10ccEverything Is Not Enough
10ccMargo Wants The Mustard
10ccYvonne's The One
10ccNow You're Gone
10ccI'm So Laid Back, I'm Laid Out
10cc4% Of Something
10ccBee In My Bonnet
10cc18 Carat Man Of Means
10ccChannel Swimmer
10ccGood News
10ccGet It While You Can
10ccHot To Trot
10ccDon't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
10ccLost In Love
10ccMan With A Mission
10ccThe Secret Life Of Henry
10ccYou're Coming Home Again
10ccNothing Can Move Me
10ccTomorrow's World Today
10ccWe've Heard It All Before
10ccThe Power Of Love
10ccOnly Child