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2Pac16 on Death Row
2PacAll About U
2PacAll Out
2PacBallad of a Dead Soulja
2PacBetter Dayz
2PacBlack Starry Night (Interlude)
2PacBury Me A G
2PacCatching Feelins
2PacDeath Around The Corner
2PacDefinition of a Thug Nigga
2PacEverything They Owe
2PacFake Ass Bitches
2PacFuck All Y 'all
2PacFuck Em All
2PacFuck Friendz
2PacFuckin Wit the Wrong Nigga
2PacGhetto Star
2PacGod Bless the Dead
2PacGood Life
2PacHappy Home
2PacHold On Be Strong
2PacHolla If Ya Hear Me
2PacI 'm Gettin Money
2PacI Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto (#1)
2PacI Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto (#2)
2PacLet Em Have It
2PacLet Em Have It Remix
2PacLet Them Thangs Go
2PacLetter 2 My Unborn
2PacLil ' Homies
2PacMama 's Just A Little Girl
2PacMilitary Minds
2PacMy Block (Remix)
2PacMy Closest Roaddogz
2PacNever B Peace
2PacNiggaz Nature Remix
2PacNothin But Love
2PacNothing to Lose
2PacOnly Fear of Death
2PacOpen Fire
2PacPanther Power
2PacR U Still Down? (Remember Me)
2PacRebel Of The Underground
2PacRunnin On E
2PacSame Song
2PacSecretz Of War
2PacStarin ' Through My Rear View
2PacStr8 Ballin
2PacStreet Fame
2PacThis Ain 't Livin
2PacThis Life I Lead
2PacThug N U Thug N Me
2PacThug N U Thug N Me (Remix)
2PacThug Style
2PacTroublesome '96
2PacU Don 't Have 2 Worry
2PacUnconditional Love
2PacUntil the End of Time
2PacUntil the End of Time RP Remix
2PacWhatcha Gonna Do?
2PacWhen I Get Free
2PacWhen I Get Free II
2PacWhen Thugz Cry
2PacWhen We Ride On Our Enemies
2PacWhere Do We Go From Here (Interlude)
2PacWhy U Turn On Me
2PacWords 2 My First Born
2PacWorld Wide Mob Figgaz