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Anna VissiAfter You
Anna VissiAgapi Ipervoliki
Anna VissiAntidoto
Anna VissiCall Me
Anna VissiDe Me Agapas
Anna VissiDen Me Agapas
Anna VissiDodeka
Anna VissiEgw Mwro Mou
Anna VissiEho Pethani Gia Sena
Anna VissiEisai
Anna VissiEkatommiria
Anna VissiEleni
Anna VissiEmpnefsi
Anna VissiEpilogi Moy
Anna VissiEverything
Anna VissiEverything I Am
Anna VissiFeggari Mou
Anna VissiForgive Me This
Anna VissiI Was Made For Lovin' You
Anna VissiI Was Madew For Lovin' You
Anna VissiIse
Anna VissiKati Melagholies
Anna VissiKick The Habit
Anna VissiKraygi
Anna VissiMethismeno Mou Kardia
Anna VissiMia Agapi Fotia
Anna VissiNo More The Fool
Anna VissiNo Tomorrow (Moro Mou)
Anna VissiNostalgia
Anna VissiO Teleytaios Xoros
Anna VissiOn A Night Like This
Anna VissiParaxenes Ikones
Anna VissiPragmata
Anna VissiS'Agapo
Anna VissiSe Thimamai
Anna VissiSo In Love With Yourself
Anna VissiStill In Love With You
Anna VissiSupernatural Love
Anna VissiTa Mathitika Xronia
Anna VissiTasis Autoktonias
Anna VissiThanatos Einai I Agapi
Anna VissiVaterlo
Anna VissiWay Out
Anna VissiX