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Bad BrainsSailin' On
Bad BrainsDon't Need It
Bad BrainsAttitude
Bad BrainsThe Regulator
Bad BrainsBanned In D.C.
Bad BrainsJah Calling
Bad BrainsSupertouch/Shitfit
Bad BrainsLeaving Babylon
Bad BrainsFearless Vampire Killers
Bad BrainsI
Bad BrainsBig Takeover
Bad BrainsPay To Cum
Bad BrainsRight Brigade
Bad BrainsI Luv I Jah
Bad BrainsJoshua's Song
Bad BrainsI And I Survive
Bad BrainsDestroy Babylon
Bad BrainsThe Meek
Bad BrainsCoptic Times
Bad BrainsRock For Light
Bad BrainsRally Round Jah Throne
Bad BrainsAt The Movies
Bad BrainsRiot Squad
Bad BrainsHow Low Can A Punk Get?
Bad BrainsWe Will Not
Bad BrainsRise
Bad BrainsMiss Freedom
Bad BrainsUnidentified
Bad BrainsLove Is The Answer
Bad BrainsFree
Bad BrainsHair
Bad BrainsComing In Numbers
Bad BrainsYes Jah
Bad BrainsTake Your Time
Bad BrainsPeace Of Mind
Bad BrainsWithout You
Bad BrainsHouse Of Suffering
Bad BrainsI Against I
Bad BrainsWhy'd You Have To Go?
Bad BrainsHow Low Can A Punk Get
Bad BrainsSupertouchShitfit
Bad BrainsBig Take Over
Bad BrainsDarling I Need You
Bad BrainsDer Himmel Kann Waretn
Bad BrainsDon't Blow Bubbles
Bad BrainsDon't Need It
Bad BrainsFearless Vampire Killer
Bad BrainsHired Gun
Bad BrainsI & I Survive
Bad BrainsJoshua's Song
Bad BrainsRally 'Round Jah Throne
Bad BrainsRe-Ignition
Bad BrainsRegulator
Bad BrainsSacred Love
Bad BrainsSailin' On
Bad BrainsSheba
Bad BrainsThe Messengers
Bad BrainsThe Prophet's Eye
Bad BrainsVoyage To Infinity
Bad BrainsWhy'd You Have To Go?
Bad BrainsWith The Quickness
Bad BrainsJoshuas Song
Bad BrainsWhy'D You Have To Go