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Billy TalentThis Is How It Goes
Billy TalentCut The Curtains
Billy TalentLies
Billy TalentLine And Sinker
Billy TalentLiving In The Shadows
Billy TalentNothing To Lose
Billy TalentPrisoners Of Today
Billy TalentRiver Below
Billy TalentStanding In The Rain
Billy TalentThe Ex
Billy TalentTry Honesty
Billy TalentVoices Of Violence
Billy TalentHow It Goes
Billy TalentBeach Balls
Billy TalentWhen I Was A Little Girl
Billy TalentBird In The Basement
Billy TalentBurn The Evidence
Billy TalentCovered In Cowardice
Billy TalentDevil In A Midnight Mass
Billy TalentDevil On My Shoulder
Billy TalentDiamond On A Landmine
Billy TalentEver Fallen In Love? (With Someone You Shouldn't've)
Billy TalentFallen Leaves
Billy TalentHow It Goes, Original Version
Billy TalentIn The Fall
Billy TalentLine & Sinker
Billy TalentM&m
Billy TalentNita
Billy TalentPerfect World
Billy TalentPins And Needles
Billy TalentPocket Full Of Dreams
Billy TalentRed Flag
Billy TalentReflective Jumpkick
Billy TalentRusted From The Rain
Billy TalentSaint Veronika
Billy TalentSquare Root Of Me
Billy TalentSurrender
Billy TalentSympathy
Billy TalentTears Into Wine
Billy TalentThe Dead Can't Testify
Billy TalentThe Navy Song
Billy TalentThis Suffering
Billy TalentTry Honestly
Billy TalentTry Honesty (Another Version)
Billy TalentTurn Your Back
Billy TalentWaiting Room (Fugazi Cover)
Billy TalentWarmth Of Windows
Billy TalentWhere Is The Line
Billy TalentWhite Sparrows
Billy TalentWorker Bees