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Blue RodeoWhat Is This Love
Blue RodeoBad Timing
Blue Rodeo5 A.M. (A Love Song)
Blue RodeoAfter The Rain
Blue RodeoLast Laugh
Blue RodeoMontreal
Blue RodeoTill I Am Myself Again
Blue RodeoTime
Blue RodeoTrust Yourself
Blue RodeoTwo Tongues
Blue RodeoWhat Am I Doing Here
Blue RodeoYou're Everywhere
Blue RodeoFive Days In May
Blue Rodeo5 Days In May
Blue RodeoBetter Off As We Are
Blue RodeoBlew It Again
Blue RodeoCynthia
Blue RodeoDark Angel
Blue RodeoEnglish Bay
Blue RodeoGirl In Green
Blue RodeoHasn 't Hit Me Yet
Blue RodeoHead Over Heels
Blue RodeoKnow Where You Go
Blue RodeoPhotograph
Blue RodeoRain On Me
Blue RodeoRose Coloured Glasses
Blue RodeoSave Myself
Blue RodeoSide Of The Road
Blue RodeoTell Me Your Dream
Blue RodeoTil I Gain Control Again
Blue RodeoWhat You Want