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Brutal TruthAnti - Homophobe
Brutal TruthAverage People
Brutal TruthBed Sheet
Brutal TruthBirth Of Ignorance
Brutal TruthBite The Hand
Brutal TruthBlack Door Mine
Brutal TruthBlind Leading The Blind
Brutal TruthBlockhead
Brutal TruthBlue World
Brutal TruthBrain Trust
Brutal TruthCalculated Bloodshed
Brutal TruthChoice Of A New Generation
Brutal TruthCrawlspace
Brutal TruthDead Smart
Brutal TruthDementia
Brutal TruthDenial Of Existence
Brutal TruthDestroyed By Society
Brutal TruthDie Laughing
Brutal TruthDied With Open Eyes
Brutal TruthDisplacement
Brutal TruthEverflow
Brutal TruthExtinction
Brutal TruthFisting
Brutal TruthFoolish Bastard
Brutal TruthFucktoy
Brutal TruthGodplayer
Brutal TruthH O P E
Brutal TruthHomesick
Brutal TruthHumanity 's Folly
Brutal TruthHypocrite Invasion
Brutal TruthI Killed My Family
Brutal TruthI See Red
Brutal TruthIll Neglect
Brutal TruthIn Mourning
Brutal TruthJemenez Cricket
Brutal TruthJudgement
Brutal TruthKill Trend Suicide
Brutal TruthLet 's Go To War
Brutal TruthLord Of This World
Brutal TruthMachine Parts
Brutal TruthMainliner
Brutal TruthMedia Blitz
Brutal TruthMonetary Gain
Brutal TruthObsessed
Brutal TruthPass Some Down
Brutal TruthPerpetual Conversion
Brutal TruthPork Farm
Brutal TruthPostulate Then Liberate
Brutal TruthPrey
Brutal TruthPromise
Brutal TruthRegressionprogression
Brutal TruthSoft Mind
Brutal TruthStench Of Profit
Brutal TruthSubjected To Torture
Brutal TruthSympathy Kiss
Brutal TruthThe Past
Brutal TruthTime
Brutal TruthTurn Face
Brutal TruthUnjust Compromise
Brutal TruthVision
Brutal TruthWaiting To Be Devoured
Brutal TruthWalking Corpse
Brutal TruthWilt
Brutal TruthZombie
Brutal TruthAnti Homophobe
Brutal TruthH.O.P.E.
Brutal TruthHumanity's Folly
Brutal TruthIll-Neglect
Brutal TruthK. A. P. (Kill All Politicians)
Brutal TruthK.A.P.
Brutal TruthLet's Go To War
Brutal TruthRegression - Progression
Brutal TruthTurn Face (1:30)