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CakeLet Me Go
CakeAlpha Beta Parking Lot
CakeCool Blue Reason
CakeHem of Your Garment
CakeItalian Leather Sofa
CakeLove You Madly
Cakenever there
CakeSatan is My Motor
CakeSheep Go To Heaven
CakeShort Skirt Long Jacket
CakeShut the fuck up
CakeWalk On By
Cakeyou turn the screws
CakeFrank Sinatra
CakeFriend Is A Four Letter Word
CakeHaze of Love
CakeI Bombed Korea
CakeI Will Survive
CakeJesus Wrote A Blank Check
CakeMr. Mastodon Farm
CakeOpen Book
CakeRace Car Ya-Yas
CakePerhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
CakeRuby Sees All
CakeSad Songs And Waltzes
CakeStickshifts And Safetybelts
CakeThe Distance
CakeUp So Close
CakeYou Part The Waters
CakeShadow Stabbing
CakeComfort Eagle
CakeCommissioning A Symphony In C
CakeLong Line Of Cars
CakeMeanwhile, Rick James
CakeOpera Singer
CakePretty Pink Ribbon
CakeShort Skirt/Long Jacket
CakeIt's Coming Down
CakePerhaps Perhaps Perhaps
CakeRace Car Ya Yas
CakeShe'll Come Back To Me
CakeStick Shifts And Safety Belts
CakeAin't No Good
CakeIs This Love
CakeRock'n'Roll Lifestyle
CakeMeanwhile, Rick James...
CakeShort Skirt, Long Jacket
CakeWorld Of Two
CakeFriend is a Four-Letter Word
CakeRacecar Ya-yas
CakeFashion Nugget (Parental Advisory)
CakeSad Songs
CakeWhen You Sleep
CakeWhere Would I Be?
CakeIs This Love?
CakeRock' n ' Roll Lifestyle
CakeI Will Survivie
CakeWhere Would I Be
CakeYou Made Me Feel
CakeThrupenny Tears
CakeOnly Tongue Can Tell
CakeCircling The Circumference
CakeObscurity Knocks
CakeMaybe I Should Drive