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CameoWord Up
CameoYou Make Me Work
CameoAlligator Woman
CameoAttack Me With Your Love
CameoBack And Forth
CameoBack & Forth (Larry Blackmon Mix)
CameoDon't Be So Cool
CameoFast, Fierce & Funny
CameoFeel Me
CameoFor You
CameoFreaky Dancin'
CameoI Care For You
CameoI Just Want To Be
CameoI'll Always Stay
CameoI'll Never Look For Love
CameoKeep It Hot
CameoKnights By Nights
CameoShake Your Pants
CameoShe's Strange
CameoSingle Life
CameoSingle Life (12" Mix)
CameoSkin I'm In
CameoTalkin' Out The Side Of Your Neck
CameoThe Man
CameoUse It Or Lose It
CameoWe're Goin' Out Tonight
CameoWhy Have I Lost You
CameoWord Up! (7" Vocal Version)