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Camera ObscuraA Fond Kiss
Camera ObscuraA Red, Red Rose
Camera ObscuraA Sisters Social Agony
Camera ObscuraAmigo Mo
Camera ObscuraAway With Murder
Camera ObscuraBefore You Cry
Camera ObscuraCareless Love
Camera ObscuraCome Back Margaret
Camera ObscuraCountry Mile
Camera ObscuraDory Previn
Camera ObscuraFootloose And Fancy Free
Camera ObscuraForests And Sands
Camera ObscuraFrench Navy
Camera ObscuraHoney In The Sun
Camera ObscuraI Don't Want To See You
Camera ObscuraI Love My Jean
Camera ObscuraI Need All The Friends I Can Get
Camera ObscuraIf Looks Could Kill
Camera ObscuraJames
Camera ObscuraLet's Get Out Of This Country
Camera ObscuraLloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
Camera ObscuraMy Friend
Camera ObscuraMy Maudlin Career
Camera ObscuraNumber One Son
Camera ObscuraO' That I Were Where Helen Lies
Camera ObscuraOther Towns And Cities
Camera ObscuraPhil And Don
Camera ObscuraRazzle Dazzle Rose
Camera ObscuraReturn To Send Her
Camera ObscuraRoman Holiday
Camera ObscuraSan Francisco Song
Camera ObscuraSugar Town / Blue Moon
Camera ObscuraSuspended From Class
Camera ObscuraSwans
Camera ObscuraTears For Affairs
Camera ObscuraTeenager
Camera ObscuraThe False Contender
Camera ObscuraThe Sweetest Thing
Camera ObscuraYou Told A Lie