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CanaanA Descent To Babylon
CanaanBack From The Dead
CanaanBurning Casket
CanaanCorpse Fire
CanaanDeath Shall Rise
CanaanGruesome Tasks
CanaanHung, Drawn And Quartered
CanaanInternal Decay
CanaanLa Simmetria Del Dolore
CanaanOf Lost Desires
CanaanOver Absolute Black
CanaanSperm Like Honey
CanaanTasteless Incest
CanaanThe Meaning Of Solitude
CanaanA Magic Farewell
CanaanA Song For Pain
CanaanAngel Nail
CanaanChrome Red Overdose
CanaanCodex Void
CanaanDoloris Charisma
CanaanEssere Nulla
CanaanEverything You Say
CanaanFrequency Omega
CanaanIl Rimpianto
CanaanIn A Never Fading Illusion
CanaanIncantesimo D'Autunno
CanaanLa Simmetria Del Delore
CanaanNever Again
CanaanNoir (Your Coloured Soul)
CanaanNothing Left (To Share)
CanaanOur Little Hidden Treasures
CanaanOur Little Hidden Tresures
CanaanPrayer For Nothing
CanaanSenza Una Risposta
CanaanSplendor's Bearer
CanaanThe Eleventh Shadow
CanaanThe Forever Passion
CanaanThe Meaning Of Solitude (Return To 9117)
CanaanThe Possible Nowheres
CanaanThe Pride Of Perdition
CanaanThe Unsaid Words
CanaanThin Concentric Circle
CanaanThin Concentric Circles
CanaanThis World Of Mine
CanaanUn Ultimo Patetico Addio
CanaanWalk Into My Open Womb