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CantatoniaAcapulco Gold
CantatoniaAll Girls Are Fly
CantatoniaApathy Revolution
CantatoniaArabian Derby
CantatoniaBaby, It's Cold Outside
CantatoniaBad Bad Boy
CantatoniaBeautiful Loser
CantatoniaBeautiful Sailor
CantatoniaBlow The Millennium, Blow 1
CantatoniaBlow The Millennium, Blow 2
CantatoniaBlues Song
CantatoniaBranding A Mountain
CantatoniaBugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn
CantatoniaBulimic Beats
CantatoniaCariadon Ffl
CantatoniaDazed, Beautiful And Bruised
CantatoniaDead From The Waist Down
CantatoniaDo You Believe In Me?
CantatoniaDon't Need The Sunshine
CantatoniaDon't Wanna Talk About It
CantatoniaDream On
CantatoniaFall Beside Her
CantatoniaFor Tinkerbell
CantatoniaGame On
CantatoniaGoldfish And Paracetamol
CantatoniaGyda Gwn
CantatoniaI Am The Mob
CantatoniaIf I Was With A Woman
CantatoniaI'm Cured
CantatoniaImaginary Friend
CantatoniaImmediate Circle
CantatoniaIndigo Blind
CantatoniaIntercontinental Sigh
CantatoniaInternational Velvet
CantatoniaStrange Glue
CantatoniaSweet Catatonia
CantatoniaThank You Stars
CantatoniaThat's All Folks
CantatoniaThe Ballad Of Tom Jones
CantatoniaThe More I See You
CantatoniaThe Mother Of Misogyny
CantatoniaThis Boy Can't Swim
CantatoniaYou've Got A Lot To Answer For