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Capistrano30 Hornets Vs. 30,000 Bees
CapistranoBack When Othello Was A Common Name
CapistranoBest If Used By April 11th, 1988
CapistranoBill Cosby And His Jell-O Disciples
CapistranoI Took A Class In Philosophical Logic, And It Made Me A Fucking Bad Ass
CapistranoI Wish I Was A School Girl's Bicycle Seat
CapistranoPhonetically Speaking, This Could Be The Best Day Ever (The Happiest Day)
CapistranoSorry, I Just Spilled My Future Son All Over Your Face
CapistranoStaring Into Your Eyes Would Be A Whole Lot Easier If Streetlights Weren't So Bright
CapistranoThe Cult Of The True Woman Redux
CapistranoThis Breathing Thing Is Getting Old
CapistranoYour Dysphoria Is Another Reason Why I'm On This Side Of The Bed