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Carnal ForgeA Faint Moment Of Fortune
Carnal ForgeA Higher Level Of Pain
Carnal ForgeA Piece Of My Life
Carnal ForgeA Revel In Violence
Carnal ForgeA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven
Carnal ForgeA World All Soaked In Blood
Carnal ForgeAbout Time And Decisions
Carnal ForgeAlways Following Life
Carnal ForgeArena Of Concealment
Carnal ForgeBad Dream
Carnal ForgeBecoming Dust
Carnal ForgeBetween The Worlds
Carnal ForgeButchered, Slaughtered, Strangled, Hanged
Carnal ForgeChained
Carnal ForgeCovered With Fire
Carnal ForgeCure Of Blasphemy
Carnal ForgeDe Rebus Que Greunter
Carnal ForgeDefacer
Carnal ForgeDestruction
Carnal ForgeDetect Your Liberty
Carnal ForgeErase The Enemy
Carnal ForgeEverything Dies
Carnal ForgeFire Is My Witness
Carnal ForgeFire Of Night
Carnal ForgeFiredemon
Carnal ForgeFor
Carnal ForgeForsaken Horizon
Carnal ForgeFuel For Fire
Carnal ForgeHand Of Doom
Carnal ForgeHappiness In Slavery
Carnal ForgeHeadfucker
Carnal ForgeI Smell Like Death
Carnal ForgeIn My Heart
Carnal ForgeIn The Eye Of The Storm
Carnal ForgeIntolerance
Carnal ForgeLove Taken Away
Carnal ForgeMy Last Beauty
Carnal ForgeNew Kind Of Freedom
Carnal ForgeNo Resurrection
Carnal ForgePollution
Carnal ForgePull The Trigger
Carnal ForgeRoots Of Pain
Carnal ForgeScream From The Abyss
Carnal ForgeSlaves
Carnal ForgeStorm Of Rage
Carnal ForgeSupervision Until Death
Carnal ForgeSycamore Dreams
Carnal ForgeThe Seventh Soul
Carnal ForgeThe Torture Will Never Stop
Carnal ForgeToo Much Hell Ain 't Enough For Me
Carnal ForgeTotalitarian Torture
Carnal ForgeTyranny Of Small Misery
Carnal ForgeUncontrollable
Carnal ForgeVicious Circle
Carnal ForgeWelcome To Your Funeral
Carnal ForgeAnte Mori
Carnal ForgeBiological Waste Matter
Carnal ForgeBurn Them Alive
Carnal ForgeBurning Eden
Carnal ForgeCovered With Fire (I'm Hell)
Carnal ForgeDecades Of Despair
Carnal ForgeDivine Breed Killing Machine
Carnal ForgeEnd Game
Carnal ForgeExploding Veins
Carnal ForgeFreedom By Mutilation
Carnal ForgeGodsend God's End
Carnal ForgeGodzilla Is Coming Thru
Carnal ForgeI Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard)
Carnal ForgeLost Legion
Carnal ForgeMaggotman
Carnal ForgeMy Suicide
Carnal ForgeNo Longer Bleeding
Carnal ForgeNumb (The Dead)
Carnal ForgePlease... Die! (Aren't You Dead Yet?)
Carnal ForgeQuestions Pertaining The Ownership Of My Mind
Carnal ForgeRuler Of Your Blood
Carnal ForgeSacred Flame
Carnal ForgeSubhuman
Carnal ForgeSweet Bride
Carnal ForgeTestify For My Victims
Carnal ForgeThe Final Hour
Carnal ForgeThe Final Hour In Hell
Carnal ForgeThe Other Side
Carnal ForgeThe Strength Of Misery
Carnal ForgeTotally Worthless
Carnal ForgeTwisted
Carnal ForgeWaiting For Sundown