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CathedralAshes You Leave
CathedralAutumn Twilight
CathedralBlue Light
CathedralCarnival Bizarre
CathedralComiserating The Celebration
CathedralCosmic Funeral
CathedralEbony Tears
CathedralElectric Grave
CathedralEnter The Worms
CathedralFangalactic Supergoria
CathedralFountain Of Innoncence
CathedralFrozen Rapture
CathedralGrim Luxuria
CathedralHypnos 164
CathedralImprisoned In Flesh
CathedralInertias Cave
CathedralJaded Entity
CathedralMidnight Mountain
CathedralNight Of The Seagulls
CathedralPalace Of Fallen Majesty
CathedralSerpent Eve
CathedralStatik Majik
CathedralThe Law Of The Land Is Great
CathedralThe Voyage Of The Homeless Sapien
CathedralUtopian Blaster
CathedralAs You Do
CathedralCathedral 4 (The Unbreaking Branch And Song)
CathedralIndustry And Snow
CathedralNo Light To Be Found (Fare Thee Faith, The Path Is Yours)
CathedralThree Days, Four Nights
CathedralWe Are The Wreckage
CathedralYou Are The Blood
CathedralA Funeral Request
CathedralA Funeral Request - Rebirth
CathedralAlchemist Of Sorrows
CathedralAphrodite's Winter
CathedralAstral Queen
CathedralBirth Machine 2000
CathedralCaptain Clegg
CathedralCongregation Of Sorcerer's
CathedralCyclops Revolution
CathedralEarth Messiah
CathedralFireball Demon
CathedralFountain Of Innocence
CathedralGolden Blood (Flooding)
CathedralHopkins (The Witchfinder General)
CathedralPhaser Quest
CathedralPhoenix Rising
CathedralPurple Wonderland
CathedralResisting The Ghost
CathedralSea Serpent
CathedralSoul Sacrifice
CathedralStained Glass Horizon
CathedralSuicide Asteroid
CathedralThe Devils Summit
CathedralThe Empty Mirror
CathedralThe Omega Man
CathedralUltra Earth
CathedralUrko's Conquest
CathedralVampire Sun
CathedralVoodoo Fire