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Cathy DennisAm I The Kinda Girl
Cathy DennisBaggage
Cathy DennisBeing With You
Cathy DennisC 'mon And Get My Love
Cathy DennisC'Mon And Get My Love (feat. D-Mob)
Cathy DennisChange Will Come
Cathy DennisConsolation
Cathy DennisCrazy Ones
Cathy DennisDate
Cathy DennisDon't Take My Heaven
Cathy DennisEverybody Get Up
Cathy DennisEverybody Move
Cathy DennisFade Away
Cathy DennisFalling
Cathy DennisFickle
Cathy DennisFind The Key To Your Life (feat. David Morales)
Cathy DennisFor Your Love
Cathy DennisGot To Get Your Love
Cathy DennisHoming The Rocket
Cathy DennisI Just Love You
Cathy DennisIrresistable
Cathy DennisIrresistible
Cathy DennisIt's My Style
Cathy DennisJust Another Dream
Cathy DennisLove Is
Cathy DennisLove's A Cradle
Cathy DennisMoments Of Love
Cathy DennisMonents Of Love
Cathy DennisMove To This
Cathy DennisMy Beating Heart
Cathy DennisNothing Moves Me
Cathy DennisOne Life
Cathy DennisOur True Emotions
Cathy DennisRoller Coaster
Cathy DennisRun Like A River Is
Cathy DennisS.O.S.
Cathy DennisStupid Fool
Cathy DennisSunny Afternoon
Cathy DennisTaste My Love
Cathy DennisTell Me
Cathy DennisThat Is Why You Love Me
Cathy DennisThat's The Way Of The World
Cathy DennisToo Many Walls
Cathy DennisTouch Me (All Night Long)
Cathy DennisTouch Me All Night Long
Cathy DennisWaterloo Sunset
Cathy DennisWe've Got To Fight
Cathy DennisWest End Pad
Cathy DennisWhen Dreams Turn To Dust
Cathy DennisWhy
Cathy DennisYou Lied To Me