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Charlotte MartinBring On The Day
Charlotte MartinA Hopeless Attempt
Charlotte MartinAngel
Charlotte MartinApology # 1
Charlotte MartinBeautiful Life
Charlotte MartinBizarre Love Triangle
Charlotte MartinCherry-Coloured Funk
Charlotte MartinChocolate
Charlotte MartinCity Of Me
Charlotte MartinCloudbusting
Charlotte MartinDeeper
Charlotte MartinDizzy
Charlotte MartinElderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Charlotte MartinEvery Time It Rains
Charlotte MartinGirl I Left Behind
Charlotte MartinHaunted
Charlotte MartinHe
Charlotte MartinI Am Stretched Out On Your Grave
Charlotte MartinI Think Of You
Charlotte MartinI'm Normal, Please Date Me
Charlotte MartinIn Parentheses
Charlotte MartinInnerloom
Charlotte MartinJust Like Heaven
Charlotte MartinJust Like Heaven (Goldfinger Cover)
Charlotte MartinLightblinde
Charlotte MartinLimits Of Our Love
Charlotte MartinMadman
Charlotte MartinMelissa
Charlotte MartinMonster
Charlotte MartinMystery Magic And Seeds
Charlotte MartinObstacle 1
Charlotte MartinOn Your Shore
Charlotte MartinOne Girl Army
Charlotte MartinParade On
Charlotte MartinPretty Thing
Charlotte MartinRadio Maria
Charlotte MartinRaven
Charlotte MartinRaven (Hidden Track)
Charlotte MartinSilver Honey
Charlotte MartinSomething Like A Hero
Charlotte MartinSweet Chariot
Charlotte MartinTalk To Strangers
Charlotte MartinThe Dance
Charlotte MartinUp All Night
Charlotte MartinUrge For Going
Charlotte MartinWhere Is The Cure
Charlotte MartinWild Horses
Charlotte MartinWild Horses (Rolling Stones Cover)
Charlotte MartinYour Armor