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Charly McClainAnd Then Some
Charly McClainDancing Your Memory Away
Charly McClainDon't Touch Me There
Charly McClainFly Into Love
Charly McClainI Hate The Way I Love It (feat. Johnny Rodriguez)
Charly McClainIt's Too Late To Love Me Now
Charly McClainLay Down
Charly McClainLay Something On My Bed Besides A Blanket
Charly McClainLet Me Be Your Baby
Charly McClainLet's Put Our Love In Motion
Charly McClainMake The World Go Away
Charly McClainMen
Charly McClainParadise Tonight
Charly McClainRadio Heart
Charly McClainSentimental Ol' You
Charly McClainSleepin' With The Radio On
Charly McClainSo This Is Love
Charly McClainSome Hearts Get All The Breaks
Charly McClainStill I Stay
Charly McClainSurround Me With Love
Charly McClainTake Me Back
Charly McClainThat's What You Do To Me
Charly McClainThe Right Stuff
Charly McClainThe Very Best Is You
Charly McClainWhen A Love Ain't Right
Charly McClainWhen It's Down To Me And You
Charly McClainWho's Cheatin' Who
Charly McClainWith Just One Look In Your Eyes (feat. Wayne Massey)
Charly McClainWith You
Charly McClainWomen Get Lonely
Charly McClainYou Are My Music, You Are My Song (With Wayne)
Charly McClainYou Should Be Layin' In Her Arms
Charly McClainYou're A Part Of Me