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Chris RiceWelcome To Our World
Chris RiceClumsy
Chris RiceDeep Enough To Dream
Chris RiceHallelujah
Chris RiceI Need A Hero
Chris RiceMy Tree
Chris RiceProne To Wander
Chris RiceSometimes Love
Chris Rice8th Grade
Chris RiceAmusing
Chris RiceAnd Your Praise Goes On
Chris RiceBelong
Chris RiceBig Enough
Chris RiceCartoons
Chris RiceCircle Up
Chris RiceEighth Grade
Chris RiceEverything's OK
Chris RiceFace Of Christ
Chris RiceGo Light Your World
Chris RiceGood News
Chris RiceHallelujahs
Chris RiceHere Come Those Eyes
Chris RiceHome Tonight
Chris RiceI See The Moon
Chris RiceLemonade
Chris RiceLife Means So Much
Chris RiceLove Like Crazy
Chris RiceMagic Wand
Chris RiceMama Prays
Chris RiceMe And Becky
Chris RiceMissin' You
Chris RiceMy Cathedral
Chris RiceMy Prayer
Chris RiceNaive
Chris RiceNonny Nonny
Chris RiceOne Of Those Days
Chris RiceQuestions For Heaven
Chris RiceSam's Song
Chris RiceSleepyhead Sun
Chris RiceSmell The Color 9
Chris RiceSmellin' Coffee
Chris RiceSmile
Chris RiceSo Much For My Sad Song
Chris RiceSomebody's Watchin'
Chris RiceSpare An Angel
Chris RiceThe Final Move
Chris RiceThirsty
Chris RiceTick Tock
Chris RiceUntitled Hymn (Come To Jesus)
Chris RiceWind And Spirit
Chris RiceWonder