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Christopher CrossAll Right
Christopher CrossNever Be The Same
Christopher CrossRide Like The Wind
Christopher CrossSailing
Christopher CrossSay Youll Be Mine
Christopher CrossThink Of Laura
Christopher CrossSwept Away
Christopher CrossThe Light Is On
Christopher CrossArthur's Theme
Christopher CrossIt 's You That Really Matters
Christopher CrossNature 's Way
Christopher CrossOpen Your Heart
Christopher CrossSwing Street
Christopher CrossA Fisherman's Tale
Christopher CrossAlibi
Christopher CrossAngry Young Men
Christopher CrossAny Old Time
Christopher CrossArther's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
Christopher CrossArthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
Christopher CrossBack Of My Mind (New Remix)
Christopher CrossBeen There Done That
Christopher CrossBefore I Go
Christopher CrossDon't Say Goodbye
Christopher CrossDriftin' Away
Christopher CrossI Really Don't Know Anymore
Christopher CrossI Will (Take You Forever) (w. Frances Ruffelle)
Christopher CrossI'll Be Alright
Christopher CrossIs There Somethin
Christopher CrossIs There Something
Christopher CrossIsn't It Love
Christopher CrossIt's You That Really Matters
Christopher CrossJust One Look
Christopher CrossLove Found A Home
Christopher CrossLove Is Calling
Christopher CrossLove Is Love
Christopher CrossMinstrel Gigolo
Christopher CrossNature Of The Game
Christopher CrossNature's Way
Christopher CrossNever Stop Believing
Christopher CrossNo Time For Talk
Christopher CrossNothing Will Change
Christopher CrossOpen Up My Window
Christopher CrossPoor Shirley
Christopher CrossRendezvous
Christopher CrossRide Like Wind
Christopher CrossSay You'll Be Mine
Christopher CrossSomeday
Christopher CrossTalking In My Sleep
Christopher CrossThat Girl
Christopher CrossThinkin Bout You
Christopher CrossUncharted Hearts
Christopher CrossWhat Am I Supposed To Believe
Christopher CrossWhen She Smiles
Christopher CrossWild Wild West
Christopher CrossWords Of Wisdom