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Chubby Checker(at The) Discotheque
Chubby Checker(dance The) Mess Around
Chubby CheckerBirdland
Chubby CheckerCu Ma La Be Stay
Chubby CheckerDancin Party
Chubby CheckerDo The Freddie
Chubby CheckerEverythings Gonna Be All Right
Chubby CheckerEverythings Wrong
Chubby CheckerGood Good Lovin
Chubby CheckerGot To Get Myself Together
Chubby CheckerHey Bobba Needle
Chubby CheckerHey You Little Boo Ga Loo
Chubby CheckerHooka Tooka
Chubby CheckerHucklebuck
Chubby CheckerLa Paloma Twist
Chubby CheckerLazy Elsie Molly
Chubby CheckerLets Limbo Some More
Chubby CheckerLets Twist Again
Chubby CheckerLimbo Rock
Chubby CheckerLoddy Lo
Chubby CheckerLovely Lovely (loverly Loverly)
Chubby CheckerOh Susannah
Chubby CheckerPony Time
Chubby CheckerPopeye (the Hitchhiker)
Chubby CheckerPussy Cat
Chubby CheckerRay Charles Ton
Chubby CheckerRosie
Chubby CheckerShe Wants T Swim
Chubby CheckerSlop
Chubby CheckerSlow Twistin
Chubby CheckerSomething To Shout About
Chubby CheckerSurf Party
Chubby CheckerThe Class
Chubby CheckerThe Fly
Chubby CheckerThe Twist
Chubby CheckerToot
Chubby CheckerTwenty Miles
Chubby CheckerTwist It Up
Chubby CheckerTwistin Usa
Chubby CheckerWeekends Here
Chubby CheckerWhat Do Ya Say
Chubby CheckerWhole Lotta Shakin Goin On
Chubby CheckerYou Better Believe It Baby
Chubby CheckerYour Feets Too Big
Chubby CheckerAnn Rosie
Chubby CheckerBack In The U.S.S.R.
Chubby CheckerBird Land
Chubby CheckerBlack Cloud
Chubby CheckerDance The Mess Around
Chubby CheckerEverything's Wrong
Chubby CheckerGood, Good Lovin'
Chubby CheckerLet's Do The Freddie
Chubby CheckerLet's Limbo Some More
Chubby CheckerLet's Twist Again
Chubby CheckerLoady Lo
Chubby CheckerLovely Lovely
Chubby CheckerOh, Susannah
Chubby CheckerRunning
Chubby CheckerShe Wants T' Swim
Chubby CheckerThat's The Way It Goes
Chubby CheckerTwistin'
Chubby CheckerWhole Lot Of Shakin' Going On