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Circle JerksTeenage Electric
Circle JerksAnxious Boy
Circle Jerks22
Circle JerksShining Through The Door
Circle JerksI Wanna Destroy You
Circle JerksSinking Ship
Circle JerksBrick
Circle JerksFable
Circle JerksDog
Circle JerksGray Life
Circle JerksExhaust Breath
Circle JerksCareer Day
Circle JerksBeat Me Senseless
Circle JerksPatty's Killing Mel
Circle JerksCasuality Vampires
Circle JerksTell Me Why
Circle JerksProtection
Circle JerksI'm Alive
Circle JerksStatus Clinger
Circle JerksLiving
Circle JerksAmerican Way
Circle JerksFortunate Son
Circle JerksLove Kills
Circle JerksAll Wound Up
Circle JerksI Don't
Circle JerksIn Your Eyes
Circle JerksUnder the Gun
Circle JerksWhen the Shit Hits the Fan
Circle JerksBad Words
Circle JerksRed Blanket Room
Circle JerksHigh Price On Our Heads
Circle JerksCoup d' état
Circle JerksProduct of My Environment
Circle JerksRats of Reality
Circle JerksJunk Mail
Circle JerksGolden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45)
Circle JerksWild in the Streets
Circle JerksLeave Me Alone
Circle JerksStars and Stripes
Circle Jerks86'd (Good as Gone)
Circle JerksMeet the Press
Circle JerksTrapped
Circle JerksMurder the Disturbed
Circle JerksLetter Bomb
Circle JerksQuestion Authority
Circle JerksDefamation Innuendo
Circle JerksMoral Majority
Circle JerksForced Labor
Circle JerksPolitical Stu
Circle JerksDeny Everything
Circle JerksI Just Want Some Skank
Circle JerksBeverly Hills
Circle JerksOperation
Circle JerksBack Against The Wall
Circle JerksWasted
Circle JerksBehind The Door
Circle JerksWorld Up My Ass
Circle JerksPaid Vacation
Circle JerksDon't Care
Circle JerksLive Fast,
Circle JerksWhat's Your Problem?
Circle JerksGroup Sex
Circle JerksRed Tape
Circle JerksCasualty Vampire
Circle JerksCoup D'Etat
Circle JerksGrey Life
Circle JerksI Don't
Circle JerksI'm Alive
Circle JerksLive Fast Die Young
Circle JerksPatty's Killing Mel
Circle JerksWild In The Street