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Citizen Cope107 Degrees
Citizen Cope200,000 (In Counterfeit 50 Dollar Bills)
Citizen CopeAll Dressed Up
Citizen CopeAppetite (for Lightin' Dynamite)
Citizen CopeBack Together
Citizen CopeBrother Lee
Citizen CopeBullet And A Target
Citizen CopeComin' Back
Citizen CopeContact
Citizen CopeD'Artagnan's Theme
Citizen CopeEvery Waking Moment
Citizen CopeFame
Citizen CopeFriendly Fire
Citizen CopeHands Of The Saints
Citizen CopeHealing Hands
Citizen CopeHoldin' On
Citizen CopeHurricane Waters
Citizen CopeI Couldn't Explain Why
Citizen CopeIf There's Love
Citizen CopeIntro
Citizen CopeJohn Lennon
Citizen CopeKeep Askin'
Citizen CopeLeft For Dead
Citizen CopeLet The Drummer Kick
Citizen CopeLifeline
Citizen CopeMandy
Citizen CopeMistaken I.D.
Citizen CopeMore Than It Seems
Citizen CopeMy Way Home
Citizen CopeNite Becomes Day
Citizen CopeOff The Ground
Citizen CopePablo Picasso
Citizen CopePenitentiary
Citizen CopeSalvation
Citizen CopeSideways
Citizen CopeSomehow
Citizen CopeSon's Gonna Rise
Citizen CopeTeresa
Citizen CopeThe Newspaper