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Citizen Fish2000 And One
Citizen FishActive Ingredients
Citizen FishBacklash
Citizen FishBag Lady
Citizen FishBig Big House
Citizen FishBreak Into A Run/rainbows
Citizen FishCatholic Sex Confession
Citizen FishCentral Nervous System
Citizen FishCircular Vision
Citizen FishCity On A River
Citizen FishCriminal
Citizen FishDeep Neurotic
Citizen FishDigging A Hole
Citizen FishDividing Lines
Citizen FishExperiment Earth
Citizen FishFace Off/youth
Citizen FishFaster
Citizen FishFeeding
Citizen FishFirst Impressions
Citizen FishFlesh And Blood
Citizen FishFlinch
Citizen FishFriends
Citizen FishGive Me Beethoven...
Citizen FishHome Economics
Citizen FishInvisible People
Citizen FishLanguage Barrier
Citizen FishLose The Instructions
Citizen FishMedia Men
Citizen FishNaked
Citizen FishNot For Sale/breaking A Habit
Citizen FishOffended
Citizen FishOut Of Control
Citizen FishOver The Fence
Citizen FishPanic In The Supermarket
Citizen FishPc Musical Chairs
Citizen FishPicture This
Citizen FishPills
Citizen FishPossession
Citizen FishRevolution
Citizen FishSacred Cows
Citizen FishSink Or Swim
Citizen FishSmall Talk
Citizen FishSmells Like Home
Citizen FishSocial Insecurity
Citizen FishSupermarket Song
Citizen FishT V Dinner
Citizen FishT.V. Dinner
Citizen FishTalk It Over
Citizen FishThe B.O.B. Song
Citizen FishTime Control
Citizen FishWet Cement
Citizen FishWill Swap
Citizen FishWorking On The Inside