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Clay CrosseConsider The Choices
Clay CrosseGod Is Love
Clay CrosseHe Walked A Mile
Clay CrosseHis Love Is Strong
Clay CrosseI Found Myself In You
Clay CrosseI Surrender All
Clay CrosseI Turn To You
Clay CrosseIt Must Have Been Your Hands
Clay CrosseJust Like He Said He Would
Clay CrosseLove From The Sweetest Cup
Clay CrosseLove One Another Right
Clay CrosseSaving The World
Clay CrosseSold Out Believer
Clay CrosseSomethin 's Missin '
Clay CrosseStained Glass Window
Clay CrosseTime To Believe
Clay CrosseWhen All That 's Left Is To Believe
Clay Crosse98
Clay CrosseArms Of Jesus
Clay CrosseBe The Word
Clay CrosseGive Him Roots
Clay CrosseHe Ain't Heavy
Clay CrosseHis Love Is Comin' Over Me
Clay CrosseI Will Follow Christ
Clay CrosseIf That's What It Takes
Clay CrosseLove In The Right Hands
Clay CrosseMemphis
Clay CrosseMercy Said No
Clay CrosseMidnight Cry
Clay CrosseMore Like You
Clay CrosseMy Place Is With You
Clay CrosseNo Fear
Clay CrosseSinner's Prayer
Clay CrosseSomethin's Missin'
Clay CrosseStained Glass
Clay CrosseThe Rock
Clay CrosseThe Rock (That Was Rolled Away)
Clay Crosse'Til The End Of The World
Clay CrosseWalk With Me (Renna's Song)
Clay CrosseWhat Would You Do For A King?
Clay CrosseWhen All That's Left Is To Believe
Clay CrosseWicked
Clay CrosseYour Love Is Working In My Life