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Clint BlackThe Shoes You're Wearing
Clint BlackBeen There
Clint BlackEasy For Me To Say
Clint BlackMoney Or Love
Clint BlackNobody's Home
Clint BlackNothing's News
Clint BlackOne Emotion
Clint BlackOne More Payment
Clint BlackPut Yourself In My Shoes
Clint BlackWalkin' Away
Clint BlackWhen My Ship Comes In
Clint BlackBitter Side Of Sweet
Clint BlackLoosen Up My Strings
Clint BlackNothin' But The Taillights
Clint BlackOde To Chet
Clint BlackOur Kind Of Love
Clint BlackSomething That We Do
Clint BlackStill Holding On
Clint BlackThat Something In My Life
Clint BlackWhat I Feel Inside
Clint BlackYou Don't Need Me Now
Clint BlackYou Know It All
Clint BlackLife Gets Away
Clint BlackA Bad Goodbye
Clint BlackA Good Run Of Bad Luck
Clint BlackCadillac Jack Favor
Clint BlackDesperado
Clint BlackKillin ' Time
Clint BlackLike The Rain
Clint BlackNo Time To Kill
Clint BlackSummer 's Comin '
Clint BlackChain Of Fools (feat. Pointer Sisters)
Clint BlackChristmas For Every Boy And Girl
Clint BlackDixie Lullaby (feat. Bruce Hornsby)
Clint BlackEverything I Need
Clint BlackJust Like You And Me
Clint BlackLittle Pearl And Lily's Lullaby
Clint BlackSpend My Time
Clint BlackThe Birth Of The King
Clint BlackThe Finest Gift
Clint BlackThe Gulf Of Mexico
Clint BlackTuckered Out
Clint BlackWe All Fall Down