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Closet MonsterBattle Cry For A Better World
Closet MonsterCorporate Media Death Star
Closet MonsterMr. Holland vs. Acceptable Behavior
Closet MonsterPlayground
Closet MonsterPlummet Of The Americas
Closet MonsterRomanticism And The Fat Man
Closet MonsterSexism Is Real: Wrestling Is Not
Closet MonsterSmells Like Revolutionary Spirit
Closet MonsterThe Anti-Racist Sing-A-Long
Closet MonsterThe Great Mall Explosion
Closet MonsterYes, This Is A Guilt Trip
Closet MonsterShitting In The Face Of This Western Disgrace
Closet MonsterConvictions Of A Schoolyard Anarchist
Closet MonsterMamma-Anti Fascisto: Never Surrender
Closet MonsterPunk Rock Ruined Our Lives
Closet MonsterSummer Of '97
Closet MonsterOpen Scene, Open Arms: Your Application Is Denied
Closet MonsterCorporate Media Death Squad
Closet MonsterMelody's Song
Closet MonsterRight From Birth
Closet MonsterLockdown
Closet MonsterClass Oppression 101
Closet MonsterDearest Asshole
Closet MonsterFreedom Is Slavery
Closet MonsterUniqualist Me
Closet MonsterI Have No Mouth But I Must Scream
Closet MonsterCounter Clockwise
Closet MonsterFriday Night
Closet MonsterHigher Education
Closet MonsterOne Capitalist Always Kills Many (Fat Cats)
Closet MonsterPrison Of Your Mind
Closet MonsterNausea
Closet MonsterOne Word
Closet MonsterHeart Strings
Closet MonsterStarving
Closet MonsterA Revolutionary Dream
Closet MonsterSuburbia
Closet MonsterCommon Devotion
Closet MonsterMelody's Song
Closet MonsterRevolutionary Dream
Closet MonsterSummer Of '97
Closet MonsterThe Empire Strikes Iraq
Closet MonsterThe Empire Strikes Iraq: A Sad Day For Sovereignty