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Clyde McPhatterLittle Bitty Pretty One
Clyde McPhatterLover Please
Clyde McPhatterLovers Question
Clyde McPhatterWithout Love There Is Nothing
Clyde McPhatterA Lover's Question
Clyde McPhatterCome What May
Clyde McPhatterDeep In The Heart Of Harlem
Clyde McPhatterI Never Knew
Clyde McPhatterI Told Myself A Lie
Clyde McPhatterJust Give Me A Ring
Clyde McPhatterJust To Hold My Hand
Clyde McPhatterLet's Try Again
Clyde McPhatterLong Lonely Nights
Clyde McPhatterLover Please (Come Back)
Clyde McPhatterLovey Dovey
Clyde McPhatterMy Island Of Dreams
Clyde McPhatterRock And Cry
Clyde McPhatterSeven Days
Clyde McPhatterSince You've Been Gone
Clyde McPhatterTa Ta
Clyde McPhatterThink Me A Kiss
Clyde McPhatterThirty Days
Clyde McPhatterTreasure Of Love
Clyde McPhatterTwice As Nice
Clyde McPhatterWhite Christmas
Clyde McPhatterWithout Love (There Is Nothing)