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Cocteau TwinsAloysius
Cocteau TwinsAmelia
Cocteau TwinsBeatrix
Cocteau TwinsBlind Dumb Deaf
Cocteau TwinsBlood Bitch
Cocteau TwinsCicely
Cocteau TwinsFive Ten Fiftyfold
Cocteau TwinsFluffy Tufts
Cocteau TwinsGarlands
Cocteau TwinsGlass Candle Grenades
Cocteau TwinsIvo
Cocteau TwinsGrail Overfloweth
Cocteau TwinsIn Our Angelhood
Cocteau TwinsIn The Gold Dust Rush
Cocteau TwinsLazy Calm
Cocteau TwinsLorelei
Cocteau TwinsMultifoiled
Cocteau TwinsMusette And Drums
Cocteau TwinsMy Love Paramour
Cocteau TwinsOomingmak
Cocteau TwinsOtterley
Cocteau TwinsPandora (for cindy)
Cocteau TwinsPersephone
Cocteau TwinsShallow Then Halo
Cocteau TwinsSugar Hiccup
Cocteau TwinsThe Tinderbox (Of A Heart)
Cocteau TwinsWax And Wane
Cocteau TwinsWhen Mama Was Moth
Cocteau TwinsAikea Guinea
Cocteau TwinsAlice
Cocteau TwinsFrom The Flagstones
Cocteau TwinsHitherto
Cocteau TwinsKookaburra
Cocteau TwinsLove's Easy Tears
Cocteau TwinsOrange Appled
Cocteau TwinsPearly Dewdrops Drops
Cocteau TwinsPink Orange Red
Cocteau TwinsPrimitive Heart
Cocteau TwinsSeekers Who Are Lovers
Cocteau TwinsSong To The Siren (live Radio France Black Session) (1995: Paris, France)
Cocteau TwinsSqueeze-Wax
Cocteau TwinsThe Spangle Maker
Cocteau TwinsThose Eyes, That Mouth