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Compos MentisArusia
Compos MentisBeyond Salvation
Compos MentisBlack Clouds Gather
Compos MentisButcher's Bench
Compos MentisDead Among The Dead
Compos MentisDivine Wrath
Compos MentisDrained
Compos MentisGhost Song
Compos MentisIn The Garden Of The Dead
Compos MentisInfinite Fire
Compos MentisKingdom Of Dania
Compos MentisLady's Bower
Compos MentisMermaid Decapitation
Compos MentisMy Inner Beast
Compos MentisTemptation
Compos MentisThe 44 King
Compos MentisThe Angel Maker
Compos MentisThe Innate God
Compos MentisThe Prophecy
Compos MentisVisions Of Tragedy
Compos MentisWhite Cut, Red Blood
Compos MentisWithin Me