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Cool BreezeBlack Gangster
Cool BreezeButta
Cool BreezeCre A Tine
Cool BreezeDoin' It In The South
Cool BreezeE.P.G.H. (East Points Greatest Hit)
Cool BreezeGangsta Partna
Cool BreezeGhetto Camelot
Cool BreezeGood Good
Cool BreezeHit Man (feat. Witchdoctor And Backbone)
Cool BreezeTenn Points (feat. 8 Ball)
Cool BreezeThe Calhouns (feat. Lucky, Pauly, Brian)
Cool BreezeWatch For The Hook (Dungeon Family Mix)
Cool BreezeWe Get It Crunk (feat. Kurupt)
Cool BreezeWeeastpointin'
Cool BreezeWeeastpointin' (feat. Sleepy Brown)