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CoolioC U When U Get There
CoolioCoolio - Gansta
Cooliofantastic voyage
CoolioGangsta Paradise
CoolioGanstas Paradise
CoolioToo Hot
CoolioI Breaks 'Em Off
CoolioAll The Way Live (Now)
CoolioA Thing Goin On
CoolioBright As The Sun
CoolioExercise Yo' Game
CoolioFor My Sistas
CoolioFucc Coolio
CoolioGangsta's Paradise
CoolioGet Up Get Down
CoolioGeto Highlites
CoolioIs This Me
CoolioKinda High Kinda Drunk
CoolioRecoup This
CoolioSumpin' New
CoolioThat's How It Is
CoolioMoney (Dollar Bill Y'all)
CoolioBring Back Somethin Fo Da Hood
CoolioCan O Corn
CoolioCounty Line
CoolioFantastic Voyage (Timber Mix)
CoolioGhetto Cartoon
CoolioGhetto Cartoon (includes Cleo's Mood)
CoolioHand On My Nutsac
CoolioI Remember
CoolioIt Takes A Thief
CoolioMama I'm In Love Wit A Gangsta
CoolioN Da Closet
CoolioOn My Way To Harlem
CoolioSmokin' Stix
CoolioSticky Fingers
CoolioThought You Knew
CoolioU Know Hoo
CoolioUgly Bitches
CoolioSticky Fingers (Alternate Lyrics)
Coolio1 2 3 4 (Sumpin' New)
Coolio2 Minutes & 21 Seconds Of Funk
CoolioCan I Get Down 1X
CoolioCan U Dig It
CoolioHit 'Em
CoolioKnight Fall
CoolioLet's Do It
CoolioMy Soul
CoolioNature Of The Business
CoolioOne Mo
CoolioOoh La La
CoolioThe Devil Is Dope
CoolioThrowdown 2000
CoolioThe Winner
Coolio1,2,3,4 (Sumpin' New)
CoolioA Thing Goin' On
CoolioThe Revolution
CoolioMama, I'm In Love Wit A Gangsta
CoolioShake It Up
CoolioA Thing Goin' On
CoolioC U When I Get There (feat. 40 Thevz)
CoolioIt's All The Way Live (Now) [Timber Mix]
CoolioThru The Window